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About Blue Planet Energy

Henk Rogers of Tetris fame innovated the Blue Ion line of energy storage solutions and founded Hawaii-based Blue Planet Energy. His goal of eliminating global dependence on carbon-based fuels guides Blue Planet Energy’s mission-driven approach to technology development. Blue Planet Energy’s energy storage systems are used by both businesses and homeowners to provide energy security, independence from the utility grid, and to drive the increased use of renewable power generation.

The Blue Ion Advantage

15-year performance warranty

Longest battery performance warranty available with zero maintenance required.

$500 Blue Ion Rebate 

For a limited time, we’re offering a $500 rebate on new Blue Ion battery systems purchased by February 15, 2020.


Safe, non-toxic, and conflict-free

Fire-safe Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) battery technology with no cobalt. 

High-power for big loads

Supports large electrical loads with 8 kW continuous / 17 kW of surge power.

Expandable to meet your needs

Battery capacity options (up to 448 kWh) for homes and businesses, large and small.

The Blue Ion battery seamlessly integrates with new or existing solar-electric or backup generator systems to provide electric power when you need it, 24/7. 

Seamless Integration and Flexibility

Learn more about Blue Planet Energy’s safe, modular and expandable energy storage systems and how to hedge against the true costs of losing your power with these resources:

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Be Energy Independent

Energy storage frees you from the uncertainty of the utility grid during wildfires, extreme weather events, and utility power shutdowns.

Blue Planet Energy designs and manufactures Blue Ion, the world’s most dependable and longest-lasting battery system for homes and small businesses.